Top College Professors in Texas

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The Lone Star state has thousands of professors in hundreds of subjects. But which ones stand out? Which PhDs ooze passion and professionalism, and have been recognized for it? Here we’ve compiled lists of the top professors in some of Texas’ most notable subjects, from nursing and health care to business, management, and education. See who’s inspiring students in your state.

14 Hispanic Professors Making a HUGE Difference in Texas

The state of Texas has deep Hispanic roots. Professionals with backgrounds from numerous Spanish-speaking countries continue to make a difference locally, regionally, and even nationally. See which Hispanic Texas professors stood out in 2012.

25 of the Best Business Professors in Texas

Texas is home to some of the nation’s top business schools, which includes dozens if not hundreds of professors dedicated to top-notch research, publication, and instruction. These 25 business, marketing, and accounting professors have proven they have what it takes to make the grade.

Top 23 Psychology Professors in Texas

The Loan Star State is filled with excellent college-level educators in numerous subjects. In psychology, these 23 professors have made (or have started to make) a more-than-notable difference with their research, mentorship, instruction, and community service. Read on to see who made our list…

Top 25 Nursing Professors in Texas

Texas boasts some of the nation’s top nursing professors, from the University of Texas at Austin to Baylor University and Texas Tech. While it’s tough to find the “top” or “best” professors in any discipline, these 25 definitely deserve special recognition.

Top 25 Texas Education Professors

Hundreds of excellent education professors call Texas home, but some go above and beyond expectations in both the classroom and the community. While near-impossible to call out the “top” post-secondary educators in any field or location, we feel these 25 education professors deserved special recognition.

Top 25 Women Professors in Texas

Texas has one of the most eclectic pools of professors in the nation, including a more-than-impressive cadre of women professors who excel in the classroom and contribute to the community. Here are 25 who made the grade and more in 2012.